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Department ranks
Eee PC R051B (0)B202 (46)B203 (14)B204 (18)
B206 (25)EB1006 (44)EB1007 (32)EB1012 (49)
EB1012P (27)EB1012U (21)EB1501 (25)EB1501P (20)
EB1501U (22)EB1502 (14)EK1542 (10)Eee PC 1000/Linux (12)
Eee PC 1000/XP (11)Eee PC 1000H/Linux (5)Eee PC 1000H/XP (19)Eee PC 1000HA/Linux (5)
Eee PC 1000HA/XP (17)Eee PC 1000HAE (10)Eee PC 1000HC (12)Eee PC 1000HD/XP (11)
Eee PC 1000HE (21)Eee PC 1000HG (11)Eee PC 1000HT (10)Eee PC 1000HV/Linux (2)
Eee PC 1000HV/XP (11)Eee PC 1001HA (23)Eee PC 1001HT (21)Eee PC 1001P (24)
Eee PC 1001PG (17)Eee PC 1001PQ (20)Eee PC 1001PQD (22)Eee PC 1001PX (0)
Eee PC 1001PXD (23)Eee PC 1002H (14)Eee PC 1002HA/Linux (3)Eee PC 1002HA/XP (19)
Eee PC 1002HAE (13)Eee PC 1003HAG (15)Eee PC 1004DN (15)Eee PC 1005HA (27)
Eee PC 1005HA_GG (13)Eee PC 1005HAB (16)Eee PC 1005HAG (23)Eee PC 1005HE (14)
Eee PC 1005HR (25)Eee PC 1005P (28)Eee PC 1005PE (27)Eee PC 1005PEG (26)
Eee PC 1005PG (28)Eee PC 1005PR (14)Eee PC 1005PX (23)Eee PC 1005PXD (51)
Eee PC 1008HAG (13)Eee PC 1008P (27)Eee PC 1011PX (18)Eee PC 1015B (15)
Eee PC 1015P (32)Eee PC 1015PD (31)Eee PC 1015PDG (27)Eee PC 1015PE (31)
Eee PC 1015PED (30)Eee PC 1015PEG (29)Eee PC 1015PEM (31)Eee PC 1015PN (0)
Eee PC 1015PN (28)Eee PC 1015PW (31)Eee PC 1015PX (26)Eee PC 1015T (15)
Eee PC 1016P (25)Eee PC 1016PT (25)Eee PC 1018P (28)Eee PC 1101HA (24)
Eee PC 1101HA_GG (13)Eee PC 1101HAB (12)Eee PC 1101HAG (15)Eee PC 1201HA (25)
Eee PC 1201HAB (11)Eee PC 1201HAG (14)Eee PC 1201K (15)Eee PC 1201N (27)
Eee PC 1201NL (29)Eee PC 1201NL (0)Eee PC 1201PN (13)Eee PC 1201T (25)
Eee PC 1215B (29)Eee PC 1215BT (29)Eee PC 1215N (31)Eee PC 1215P (21)
Eee PC 1215T (23)Eee PC 2G Surf/Linux (11)Eee PC 2G Surf/XP (11)Eee PC 2G/Linux (11)
Eee PC 4G Surf/XP (12)Eee PC 4G/Linux (12)Eee PC 4G/XP (13)Eee PC 701SD/Linux (10)
Eee PC 8G/XP (11)Eee PC 900/XP (11)Eee PC 900A/XP (12)Eee PC 900AX (18)
Eee PC 900HA/XP (14)Eee PC 900HD/XP (11)Eee PC 900SD/XP (12)Eee PC 901/XP (14)
Eee PC 904HA/XP (14)Eee PC 904HD/XP (12)Eee PC 904HG (12)Eee PC MK90H (24)
Eee PC R011CX (0)Eee PC R011PX (28)Eee PC R015PX (41)Eee PC R051BX (14)
Eee PC R051B (17)     
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