ASUS CG5290 Desktop dirver,ASUS Desktop dirver

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Department ranks
Home PC (0)AC-T2PE1 (2)AS-B5200 (5)AS-D250 (15)
AS-D260 (16)AS-D325 (6)AS-D355 (12)AS-D360 (16)
AS-D560 (11)AS-D570 (10)AS-D580 (14)AS-D592 (9)
AS-D598 (22)AS-D670 (10)AS-D672 (11)AS-D689 (2)
AS-D692 (8)AS-D695 (21)AS-D698 (32)AS-D755 (18)
AS-D760 (4)AS-D762 (14)AS-D765 (14)AS-D767 (31)
AS-D770 (8)AS-D772 (10)AS-D777 (31)AS-D792 (10)
AS-D795 (16)AS-D798 (37)AS-D830 (8)AS-D850 (9)
AS-D855 (18)AS-M2100 (20)AS-M5000 (20)AS-M5100 (19)
AS-M5200 (14)AS-T5120 (4)C300-CI (2)C300-CIB (2)
A500 (4)BA5190 (49)BM2220 (29)BM2230 (30)
BM2320 (39)BM2330 (33)BM2630 (33)BM5215 (46)
BM5220 (38)BM5240 (38)BM5242 (37)BM5265 (43)
BM5268 (43)BM5270 (31)BM5275 (37)BM5295 (43)
BM5320 (44)BM5342 (43)BM5365 (46)BM5368 (62)
BM5375 (49)BM5395 (54)BM5420 (15)BM5620 (44)
BM5642 (42)BM5668 (40)BM5670 (1)BM5675 (50)
BM5695 (56)BM5135 (39)BP5220 (47)BP5242 (43)
BP5265 (56)BP5268 (56)BP5270 (50)BP5275 (49)
BP5295 (56)BP6260 (54)M2100 (8)CG1330 (60)
CG5270 (35)CG5275 (59)CG5285 (36)CG5290 (0)
CG5375 (54)CG6145 (4)CG6155 (28)CG6190 (26)
CG6191 (5)CG7435 (55)CG8250 (62)CG8350 (59)
CG8490 (58)CG8565 (2)CM1525 (46)CM1530 (40)
CM1630 (58)CM1730 (41)CM1740 (37)CM1830 (37)
CM1831 (4)CM5340 (13)CM5425 (21)CM5540 (19)
CM5570 (17)CM5571 (47)CM5575 (16)CM5671 (18)
CM5675 (19)CM6630 (20)CM6650 (22)CM6730 (21)
CM6830 (22)CM6850 (20)CP1130 (20)CP1420 (9)
CP5140 (24)CP5141 (13)CP6130 (19)CP6230 (21)
CS6110 (51)ES5100 (45)ES5120 (68) 
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